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This new approach creates a need for new books.

As you know, Do Re Mi (aka Solfege) itself is not new at all. When combined with a keyboard equipped with Doremi+, it becomes new again. This is your chance to capture a new opportunity. If your company is interested in joining this band wagon, please let us know. We can be reached at info@doremiplus.com.

By the way, this is just a beginning. We are planning to introduce a guitar specific product after the successful introduction of Doremi+ for MIDI instruments. Since there are already MIDI guitars, they can be used for music education as of now. It is just a bit more expensive and challenging for the users. We would like to bring this technology to broader electric guitar audience. It will be entirely new experience for electric guitar players and it will create a demand for good publications.

Doremi+ Highlight:

Doremi+ can support both Fixed Do and Movable Do Systems. Regardsless of your choice, it simply works.

It can be remotely controlled. It is handy for class room settings especially if you are using Movable Do System. Your new key can be set for all the keyboards in the classroom with a click of a button.

Doremi+ is a set of phonetic codes of music. It is a subset of conventional Solfege. Nothing is wasted if you teach Solfege. Unless you tackle complicated songs, Doremi+ feels just like home.

You will immediately notice the benefit of using Doremi+ equipped keyboards. Your students start paying attention to every note they play. Isn't that what you want your students to do?

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