Welcome to Doremi+

Are you insterested in making your musical instruments easier for music learning?

If your answer is yes, integrate Do Re Mi into your digital musical instruments. This technology will make your instruments more appealling to your audience. This works for self learners as well as classroom settings by providing you remote control features.

The idea itself is not new actually. But, no one has never been able to bring a real product to the market. After many years of Research and Development, this dream became a reality. We have a (patent pending) technology to enable the next level of music learning into digital musical instruments and a variety of devices so that a keyboard without Doremi+ can be converted into Doremi+.

We are here to license this technology for a wide variety of audiences, such as music instruments manufacturers and music software developers. If you are interested in learning this technology, please contact us at info@doremiplus.com. We can do a live demonstration in San Francisco vicinity, or over the Internet demonstration if you are far from us.

Doremi+ Highlight:

Doremi+ can support both Fixed Do and Movable Do Systems. Regardsless of your choice, it simply works.

It can be remotely controlled. It is handy for class room settings especially if you are using Movable Do System. Your new key can be set for all the keyboards in the classroom with a click of a button.

Doremi+ is a set of phonetic codes of music. It is a subset of conventional Solfege. Nothing is wasted if you teach Solfege. Unless you tackle complicated songs, Doremi+ feels just like home.

You will immediately notice the benefit of using Doremi+ equipped keyboards. Your students start paying attention to every note they play. Isn't that what you want your students to do?

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